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Condition monitoring.

Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited can supply and install the Thruster Scan equipment

Thruster monitoring delivers an early warning of Thruster component damage, lubricant degradation and seal failure. Continuous on-line monitoring provides the most representative picture of thruster condition. Changes are highlighted as they start to occur and not just at scheduled inspections. Preventative action can then be taken before any significant damage has occurred.

ThrusterSCAN provides accurate feedback on the mechanical wear occurring in your thrusters, the condition of their lubricants and gives rapid alert of seal leaks and seal failures.

If the wear rate increases, the lubricant degrades or water is detected, ThrusterSCAN will generate alarms allowing for immediate action. Thruster outputs can then be adjusted accordingly or thrusters taken off-line, prior to failure occurring.

With flexible display options as standard, ThrusterSCAN instantly puts the information that counts in front of the person that needs it most; whether they are located on-board or even on a different continent.

Benefits of Thruster Monitoring

ThrusterScan Features

About ThrusterSCAN

Individual Thruster Monitoring Units are installed local to each thruster and consist of:

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