Pressure Testing

Score Subsea and Wellhead has extensive experience in providing testing services for subsea valves and associated equipment. Tests can be conducted to national, international or industry standards or to the client’s own enhanced test specification. Using our purpose-built test facilities we can undertake various types of test including the following:

Our test pits can accommodate large items and this allows us to undertake testing of larger frames or skids which contain pressure containing components such as valves or pipework. All test pits are covered by high capacity overhead cranes.

All tests are conducted using purpose-built facilities which have been designed such that testing can be conducted safely with remote monitoring facilities.

Hyperbaric Testing

Score Subsea and Wellhead can provide hyperbaric testing services for valves and associated equipment in order to verify the suitability for their intended service.

In co-operation with the customer we will develop an agreed hyperbaric test specification which will fully confirm that the valve or product can operate in the environment where it is planned to be commissioned. Testing can be witnessed by the client or their IVB representative and full test recordings can be provided.

Score Subsea and Wellhead have previously conducted hyperbaric testing to verify a wide variety of subsea products.

Information on our Hyperbaric Test Chambers