Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited carries out field inspection/ surveys. Then a comprehensive asset hose register is completed. With any hoses required urgent attention noted.

The completed Hose Register which contains the most up-to-date information on each hose which can be viewed using the latest in web-connected technology, 24/7 by the client.

Asset Integrity Management

Track and manage assets with ease.

Safety, Compliance and traceability from Land to Sea

Simple. Durable. Powerful.

Tagging solutions for every application.

Parker® Tracking System makes producing clear and dynamic product identification labels a breeze. Parker® Tracking System labels provide a critical link to the digital record where product-specific data is stored. Along with the durable labels, RFID and other tagging media are available.

Maintenance and Inspection

Industry and governmental regulations are driving businesses to be more aware of their own record keeping. The Asset Integrity Management (AIM) module enables users to establish inspection and/or replacement dates to drive proactive maintenance and planning.

Parker® Tracking System

Fast. Easy. Exact.

Security Comes Standard

To manage security and control access, PTS is configured per company, site, and user. Because PTS does not reside on a hard drive, it’s accessible anywhere and can be used on one or many devices at the clients location.

Barcode Scanning

PTS tagging technology uses Code 128 barcode Technology, enabling tags to be scanned by a Variety of industry-standard scanning devices. The PTS application is technology agnostic and can be used with a number of data encoding solutions, including RFID and 2D barcodes.