Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited can provide a full service on CO-AX Valves this included inspection, Repair, installation and supply.

The range of valves provides process control solutions to engineer’s fluid processing problems – from individual components and control products to control system design and manufacture.

The product range is diverse and the design and functionality of the valve is unique and vastly different from conventional valves which are available.

The industry sectors which the valves are used are many and diverse but particularly strong in power generation, machine tools and those applications where conventional valves have difficulty in performing reliably.

These features allow for high flow and ability to handle contaminated and viscous medias.

The product range is diverse featuring:

A latest innovation of the valve range is the Green Line valve series which aids energy efficiency with low holding power required to keep the valve open, and also the ability to adjust the open and closing times of the valve with four different settings.

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