Score Subsea and Wellhead Ltd departments work together successfully.

SSWL departments of Engineering, Design, Hydraulic, Subsea, Valve Test, Electrical/Electronic, Riser Clamp and our Installation Team working together to deliver a complete Calm Buoy tanker loading/ offloading system. We can supply and install the complete system Subsea Plem structure, valves on the seabed, subsea controls, electro hydraulic umbilical, rise clamps, subsea umbilical termination unit, top side umbilical hang off, the equipment for inside buoy HPU, accumulators, and all electronic controls. This includes all the installation and testing work

Score Subsea and Wellhead Ltd can supply everything from the Seabed to the complete control system in the Calm Buoy.

For further information contact Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited +44(0) 1779 485250 or