Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited can supply full range, installation can be carried out by Parflex trained engineers.

Range covers:

BOP Control Umbilical

Nitrogen Injection

Sea Wolf High Collapse Resistance Hose

Collapse Resistance Features

HCR Technology enables the injection of fluids of low specific gravity into subsea-completed wells under the high external pressure conditions of deep-water production.

HCR hoses improve the efficiency and potential profitability of production from deep-water oil and gas fields.

HCR hose can be used in other applications in dynamic mode, such as:

Main features are:

Metal Hose

PTFE High Pressure Hose Assemblies

PTFE High Pressure Hose, with Stainless Steel Braid, operates from 3,000 psi up to 5,500 psi Heated

Heated Self-Regulating

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