Fast-Track SSIV Project

20” x 2500# DB&B Subsea Isolation Valve Assembly c/w Protection Frame. The challenge for the major operator and Score Subsea & Wellhead Limited (SS&WL) was to meet a window of opportunity of only 8 – 10 Weeks.

Pre–Contract awarded and acting on an LOI, SS&WL proactively conduct a global search for Valves suitable for conversion from Topsides to Subsea duty and airfreight them from Houston USA to UK.

SS&WL 24/7 services & disciplines utilised. Dedicated project management team, procurement and expediting, engineering & design, NDE lab, machine & fabrication shops, enhanced test team, QA/QC, supporting documentation administration team, in-house client project office and score transport.

3, off 20" x 2500# Donar Valves sourced in Houston Texas. In order to satisfy and prove the "as built" specifications 3, valves were procured, modified and built. The 3rd Valve was subjected to an enhanced testing procedure up to destruction levels.

As Built 20 x 2500# DB&B Subsea Assembly.