Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited is a subsidiary of Score Group Limited and provides support and solutions to the global Oil & Gas industry for both Subsea and Surface equipment in all environments including deep-water and marginal fields.

Score Subsea and Wellhead Ltd are approved to relevant industry standards which include ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 and our HSEQ and Competency Management Systems have been independently audited and evaluated by FPAL.

Our services include subsea isolation valves, actuation, xmas tree refurbishment, test and recertification, subsea engineering design & consultancy, enhanced testing, site integration test's (SIT’s), transmissions, hydraulics and operational hardware long or short term storage all within our purpose-built facility in North East Scotland.

Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited also enhance test new client products and systems.

Special Offers

Parker Ermeto Original Pipe Fittings

Ermeto Original Pipe Fittings

Part Numbers:

  • G22LCF
  • M25SCFX
  • SV28LCF
  • GR22/12LCF
  • PSR15LX
  • PSR15LX
  • EL20SCF
  • GE25SRED71
  • VKA28CF
  • W22LCF

Test Chamber

Hyperbaric Test Chamber Specifications

Score Subsea and Wellhead have an array of test chambers available to accommodate various depth pressure requirements.

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Engineering & Design Consultancy

Engineering & Design Consultancy

Score Subsea and Wellhead offers comprehensive valve engineering and design consultancy services (EDC) for subsea valves and associated equipment.

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Subsea Valves

Subsea Valves

Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited offer a complete subsea valve management service.

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Site Integration Tests

Site Integration Tests (SIT)

Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited has extensive experience in facilitating site integration testing activities on subsea and offshore equipment.

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  • Supply, overhaul and testing of subsea isolation valves and actuation
  • Overhaul and testing of subsea and topside API Xmas Tree equipment
  • Engineering and Design Consultancy (EDC)
  • Transmissions: repair & recertification service
  • Facilitating of site integration tests (large scale equipment)
  • 24/7 DSV SSIV operations
  • Design, testing and engineering support for subsea products & systems
  • Extensive internal and external storage areas

Mission Statement

Score Subsea and Wellhead Limited support our global client's subsea valve and wellhead project needs by operating as an extension of their company with a 'Team Spirit' to exceed their expectations in quality and safe delivery driven by our employees' total commitment and expertise.